Ada Rave - saxophone, clarinet, small instruments
Marta Warelis - piano, melodica, small instruments
Yung-Tuan Ku - drums, percussion

HUPATA!!! It's a constellation of three voices from three different continents. Saxophone, piano and percussion are followed by a wonky, wobbly, rickety, going hog wild wagon filled with toys, which transform and take shapes of birds, elephants, camels, taking you for a journey into places that you might have heard about, or that you've never even imagined. Ada Rave from Argentina, Marta Warelis from Poland and Yung-Tuan Ku from Taiwan met each other in the playground of vibrant Amsterdam improvised scene, and have been working together since October 2016. Incorporating elements of humor they explore improvisation in it's purest form, mixing strong melodies and noise with big dose of space, silences, lyricism ethnic rhythms, sometimes going into meditative states where time dissolves into breathing cycles and tides of the sea.
Hupata currently is working on its first album release:)


HUPATA History Board


25-10-2016 21:00@ Zaal 100



29-04-2017 20:30@ de Ruimte

SPACE IS THE PLACE: Kweksilber/Van Gelder + Rave/Warelis/Yung-Tuan

03-09-2017 20:30@de Ruimte

 Impro Jam w/ Hupata (Rave/Warelis/Ku)

12-10-2017 20:30 @Bimhuis

Marta Warelis Carte Blanche

08-03-2019 21:00@de Ruimte

SPACE IS THE PLACE ft. Doek: March

13-03-2019 20:30 @Pletterij



14-10-2017  15:30 @Maarten Luther Kerk


dans/Sylvain Meret, Stefania Petroula, Makiko Ito

muziek/Ada Rave, Marta Warelis, Yung-Tuan Ku

26-11-2017 20:30 @de Ruimte

Twelve to the moon 

Singer songwriters collective with HUPATA,Oskar-Jan Hoogland,Anna Trap, Dido 

17-12-2017  20:30@de Ruimte

Twelve to the moon 

10-01-2018 @Splendor

Recording with Marc Schots

More to be continued...