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BellaDonna Orchestra is a group of three classical trained musicians, formed by Danish recorder player Kirstine Lindemann, German harpsichord player Lisa Schweiger and Taiwanese percussionist Yung-Tuan Ku. We met during the musicality of movement training with Virag Dezso in the conservatorium van Amsterdam. We share the same interests and similar vision in making original performances that harmonize music and physical theater. We work with the similar discipline as playing in an orchestra, the well listening and timing; use the interaction and sensitivity between each other, with lots of passion, doubt and trust.  


We explore different ways to perform music acoustically and physically. We perform baroque, contemporary improvised music from recorders, clavichord, percussion, voice and trash. On the other hand, we dare to use silence but accompany with movements in different dynamics, articulations and tempi. We play the unheard music that can be seen from our movements. We also transform our instruments even our bodies into objects that tells daily life stories with absurdity, sweetness and collateral damage.


Stories about Sally is the first production made in collaboration with Studio MAPA Nederland. It reflects a timeless classical society, explicit but also implicit. In an insisting and brutally honest way, Bella Donna Orchestra researches the principle of the womanhood. Three women (sisters?), carry burden together, try to support each other, in the same time fighting for the ownership of their erotic fantasies.  Phantom stories poison their memories so badly that it turns them into competitors in a battlefield with subtle but breathtaking attacks. They create concrete stories with sensuality and abstraction, spaces within space. The performance invites everyone with an urge to challenge their inner archetype to join the investigation. After all, the question “who is Sally?” will stay in the echo.


Technical rider and light plan